• Consulting

    At this preliminary stage, we put our teams’ expertise in the service of our customers’ project, assisting the contractors in the early definition and design of the required systems and suggesting possible variants for the technical realization of the project according to the specifications and the architectural plan.  

  • System Design

    Once the main technical guidelines and industrial standards have been specified, the stage of the proper technical and innovative design for all system solutions is put in motion, by evaluating the most appropriate equipment components and technologies.

  • Product Delivery

    The equipment is then shipped and delivered on site according to our customer’s desire, respecting the strict delivery periods that were initially agreed upon, so as not to impede the project’s realization. Our unrivaled storage capacities both in Beirut and Doha enable us to bring the delivery periods to a minimum, and therefore avoid our business partners costly delays. 

  • Installation

    Once the equipment is delivered, our technicians install the material  according to the designed plans, in coordination with the contractors and on-site supervisors. 

  • Integration

    At this stage, communication is established between the different systems through the integrated control panels. 

  • Supervision

    At all stages of the project implementation, our engineers supervise the optimal conduct of the delivery, installation and testing phases, in order to deliver readily operational solutions. 

  • After Sales Support and Maintenance

    The completion of the installation phase does not bring our collaboration and implication in our client’s project to a close, since we offer our business partners after sales support and maintenance services, through regular check-ups and testing operations, to ensure that the installed systems can at all times guarantee safety and flawless operability.